Can Liu
Can Liu
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Robust Stacking-Independent Ultrafast Charge Transfer in MoS2/WS2 Bilayers
Z Ji, H Hong, J Zhang, Q Zhang, W Huang, T Cao, R Qiao, C Liu, J Liang, ...
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Graphene photonic crystal fibre with strong and tunable light–matter interaction
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Kinetic modulation of graphene growth by fluorine through spatially confined decomposition of metal fluorides
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Designed Growth of LargeSize 2D Single Crystals
C Liu, L Wang, J Qi, K Liu
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Optical fibres with embedded two-dimensional materials for ultrahigh nonlinearity
Y Zuo, W Yu, C Liu, X Cheng, R Qiao, J Liang, X Zhou, J Wang, M Wu, ...
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Interfacial engineering of van der waals coupled 2D layered materials
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Sub-10 nm stable graphene quantum dots embedded in hexagonal boron nitride
D Chen, R Qiao, X Xu, W Dong, L Wang, R Ma, C Liu, Z Zhang, M Wu, ...
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Ultrafast catalyst-free graphene growth on glass assisted by local fluorine supply
Y Xie, T Cheng, C Liu, K Chen, Y Cheng, Z Chen, L Qiu, G Cui, Y Yu, ...
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Identification of copper surface index by optical contrast
Z Zhang, X Xu, Z Zhang, M Wu, J Wang, C Liu, N Shang, J Wang, P Gao, ...
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Continuously Graded Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Applications in Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes, and Perspectives
Y Cheng, H Wan, T Liang, C Liu, M Wu, H Hong, K Liu, H Shen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12, 5967-5978, 2021
Measurement of complex optical susceptibility for individual carbon nanotubes by elliptically polarized light excitation
F Yao, C Liu, C Chen, S Zhang, Q Zhao, F Xiao, M Wu, J Li, P Gao, J Zhao, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-6, 2018
Visualizing grain boundaries in monolayer MoSe2 using mild H2O vapor etching
J Wang, X Xu, R Qiao, J Liang, C Liu, B Zheng, L Liu, P Gao, Q Jiao, D Yu, ...
Nano Research 11 (8), 4082-4089, 2018
Multiple electronic Raman scatterings in a single metallic carbon nanotube
YL Daqi Zhang, Juan Yang, Eddwi H. Hasdeo, Can Liu, Kaihui Liu, Riichiro Saito
Physical Review B 93, 2016
Ultrafast optical modulation of harmonic generation in two-dimensional materials
Y Cheng, H Hong, H Zhao, C Wu, Y Pan, C Liu, Y Zuo, Z Zhang, J Xie, ...
Nano Letters 20 (11), 8053-8058, 2020
Massive Growth of Graphene Quartz Fiber as a Multifunctional Electrode
G Cui, Y Cheng, C Liu, K Huang, J Li, P Wang, X Duan, K Chen, K Liu, ...
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A simple method to tune graphene growth between monolayer and bilayer
X Xu, C Lin, R Fu, S Wang, R Pan, G Chen, Q Shen, C Liu, X Guo, ...
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Strong-coupled hybrid structure of carbon nanotube and MoS 2 monolayer with ultrafast interfacial charge transfer
C Liu, H Hong, Q Wang, P Liu, Y Zuo, J Liang, Y Cheng, X Zhou, J Wang, ...
Nanoscale 11 (37), 17195-17200, 2019
Sandwiched graphene/hBN/graphene photonic crystal fibers with high electro-optical modulation depth and speed
X Cheng, X Zhou, L Tao, W Yu, C Liu, Y Cheng, C Ma, N Shang, J Xie, ...
Nanoscale 12 (27), 14472-14478, 2020
Complete structural characterization of single carbon nanotubes by Rayleigh scattering circular dichroism
F Yao, W Yu, C Liu, Y Su, Y You, H Ma, R Qiao, C Wu, C Ma, P Gao, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 16 (10), 1073-1078, 2021
Probing Phonon Dynamics in Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
T Jiang, H Hong, C Liu, WT Liu, K Liu, S Wu
Nano letters 18 (4), 2590-2594, 2018
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