Péter Fülöp
Péter Fülöp
Associate professor, Dept. of Internal Medicine, University of Debrecen
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Uncoupling protein‐2 deficiency promotes oxidant stress and delays liver regeneration in mice
M Horimoto, P Fülöp, Z Derdák, JR Wands, G Baffy
Hepatology 39 (2), 386-392, 2004
Enhanced colon tumor induction in uncoupling protein-2 deficient mice is associated with NF-κB activation and oxidative stress
Z Derdák, P Fülöp, E Sabo, R Tavares, EP Berthiaume, MB Resnick, ...
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Association of chemerin with oxidative stress, inflammation and classical adipokines in non‐diabetic obese patients
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Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 18 (7), 1313-1320, 2014
Lack of UCP2 reduces fas‐mediated liver injury in ob/ob mice and reveals importance of cell‐specific UCP2 expression
P Fülöp, Z Derdák, A Sheets, E Sabo, EP Berthiaume, MB Resnick, ...
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High-density lipopoprotein antioxidant capacity, subpopulation distribution and paraoxonase-1 activity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
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M Audikovszky, G Pados, I Seres, M Harangi, P Fülöp, E Katona, L Illyés, ...
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HMG CoA reductase inhibitor fluvastatin arrests the development of implanted hepatocarcinoma in rats.
G Paragh, P Kertai, P Kovacs, G Paragh Jr, P Fülöp, G Foris
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Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Non-communicable Diseases-Molecular …, 2014
Different anticancer effects of fluvastatin on primary hepatocellular tumors and metastases in rats
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The effect of low-intensity aerobic training on cognitive functions of severely deconditioned subacute and chronic stroke patients: a randomized, controlled pilot study
A Debreceni-Nagy, J Horváth, NB Kovács, P Fülöp, Z Jenei
International Journal of Rehabilitation Research 42 (3), 275-279, 2019
The association between angiotensin II-induced free radical generation and membrane fluidity in neutrophils of patients with metabolic syndrome
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Changes in triglyceride, HDL-C, and non-HDL-C levels in patients with acute coronary syndrome
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Paraoxonase-1 arylesterase activity is an independent predictor of myeloperoxidase levels in overweight patients with or without cardiovascular complications
N Zsíros, P Koncsos, H Lőrincz, I Seres, M Katkó, A Szentpéteri, VE Varga, ...
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Identifying patients with familial hypercholesterolemia using data mining methods in the Northern Great Plain region of Hungary
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Increased hair selenium concentration in hyperlipidemic patients
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Causes, clinical findings and therapeutic options in chylomicronemia syndrome, a special form of hypertriglyceridemia
G Paragh, Á Németh, M Harangi, M Banach, P Fülöp
Lipids in Health and Disease 21 (1), 1-14, 2022
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