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zhuang hui
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Mechanisms of Li+ Ions in the Emission Enhancement of KMg4(PO4)3:Eu2+ for White Light Emitting Diodes
J Chen, C Li, Z Hui, Y Liu
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Chemical sintering of direct-written silver nanowire flexible electrodes under room temperature
Z Hui, Y Liu, W Guo, L Li, N Mu, C Jin, Y Zhu, P Peng
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Room-temperature joining of silver nanoparticles using potassium chloride solution for flexible electrode application
P Peng, L Li, W Guo, Z Hui, J Fu, C Jin, Y Liu, Y Zhu
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Luminescence properties and energy transfer behavior of colour-tunable white-emitting Sr 4 Al 14 O 25 phosphors with co-doping of Eu 2+, Eu 3+ and Mn 4+
Z Wang, X Hou, Y Liu, Z Hui, Z Huang, M Fang, X Wu
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Exhalingdriven hydroelectric nanogenerators for standalone nonmechanical breath analyzing
D Shen, Y Xiao, G Zou, L Liu, A Wu, M Xiao, J Feng, Z Hui, WW Duley, ...
Advanced Materials Technologies 5 (1), 1900819, 2020
A self-powered nanogenerator for the electrical protection of integrated circuits from trace amounts of liquid
Z Hui, M Xiao, D Shen, J Feng, P Peng, Y Liu, WW Duley, YN Zhou
Nano-micro letters 12 (1), 1-9, 2020
High-Performance Magnesium–Carbon Nanofiber Hygroelectric Generator Based on Interface-Mediation-Enhanced Capacitive Discharging Effect
J Feng, M Xiao, Z Hui, D Shen, Y Tian, C Hang, WW Duley, NY Zhou
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Nanojoining and tailoring of current–voltage characteristics of metal-P type semiconductor nanowire heterojunction by femtosecond laser irradiation
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Femtosecond laser irradiation induced heterojunctions between carbon nanofibers and silver nanowires for a flexible strain sensor
J Feng, Y Tian, S Wang, M Xiao, Z Hui, C Hang, WW Duley, YN Zhou
Journal of Materials Science & Technology 84, 139-146, 2021
A highly sensitive double-layer structured nanodevice for moisture induced power generation
Q Zhou, Z Hui, M Xiao, NY Zhou
Nanotechnology 31 (26), 265401, 2020
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