Chen Chu
Chen Chu
Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
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Reversible porestructure evolution in hollow silica nanocapsules: large pores for siRNA delivery and nanoparticle collecting
Y Chen, C Chu, Y Zhou, Y Ru, H Chen, F Chen, Q He, Y Zhang, L Zhang, ...
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Prediction and analysis of cell-penetrating peptides using pseudo-amino acid composition and random forest models
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Autophagy induction stabilizes microtubules and promotes axon regeneration after spinal cord injury
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Identification of drug-drug interactions using chemical interactions
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Predicting the types of metabolic pathway of compounds using molecular fragments and sequential minimal optimization
L Chen, C Chu, K Feng
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Gene ontology and KEGG pathway enrichment analysis of a drug target-based classification system
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The use of Gene Ontology terms and KEGG pathways for analysis and prediction of oncogenes
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Spink13, an epididymis-specific gene of the Kazal-type serine protease inhibitor (SPINK) family, is essential for the acrosomal integrity and male fertility
L Ma, H Yu, Z Ni, S Hu, W Ma, C Chu, Q Liu, Y Zhang
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A computational method for the identification of new candidate carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic chemicals
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A sequence of 28S rRNA-derived small RNAs is enriched in mature sperm and various somatic tissues and possibly associates with inflammation
C Chu, L Yu, B Wu, L Ma, LT Gou, M He, Y Guo, ZT Li, W Gao, H Shi, ...
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Analysis of gene expression profiles in the human brain stem, cerebellum and cerebral cortex
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A hybrid computational method for the discovery of novel reproduction-related genes
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Epididymal region-specific miRNA expression and DNA methylation and their roles in controlling gene expression in rats
C Chu, G Zheng, S Hu, J Zhang, S Xie, W Ma, M Ni, C Tang, L Zhou, ...
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Exploring mouse protein function via multiple approaches
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The use of gene ontology term and KEGG pathway enrichment for analysis of drug half-life
YH Zhang, C Chu, S Wang, L Chen, J Lu, XY Kong, T Huang, HP Li, ...
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Discovery of new candidate genes related to brain development using protein interaction information
L Chen, C Chu, X Kong, T Huang, YD Cai
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Analysis of the chemical toxicity effects using the enrichment of Gene Ontology terms and KEGG pathways
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Bisphenol A accelerates capacitation-associated protein tyrosine phosphorylation of rat sperm by activating protein kinase A
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DICER1 regulates antibacterial function of epididymis by modulating transcription of β-defensins
C Tang, M Ni, S Xie, Y Zhang, C Zhang, Z Ni, C Chu, L Wu, Y Zhou, ...
Journal of molecular cell biology 11 (5), 408-420, 2019
Epididymal small noncoding RNA studies: progress over the past decade
C Chu, YL Zhang, L Yu, S Sharma, ZL Fei, JR Drevet
Andrology 7 (5), 681-689, 2019
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