Efe Ilker
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Phase‐Change‐Material‐Based Low‐Loss Visible‐Frequency Hyperbolic Metamaterials for Ultrasensitive Label‐Free Biosensing
KV Sreekanth, Q Ouyang, S Sreejith, S Zeng, W Lishu, E Ilker, W Dong, ...
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Iridescence-free and narrowband perfect light absorption in critically coupled metal high-index dielectric cavities
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Noise Filtering and Prediction in Biological Signaling Networks
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Growth and shape stability of Cu–Ni core–shell nanoparticles: an atomistic perspective
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Phase separation and nucleation in mixtures of particles with different temperatures
E Ilker, JF Joanny
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Controlling the speed and trajectory of evolution with counterdiabatic driving
S Iram, E Dolson, J Chiel, J Pelesko, N Krishnan, Ö Güngör, ...
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Modeling the growth of organisms validates a general relation between metabolic costs and natural selection
E Ilker, M Hinczewski
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Growth and Shape Stability of Bi-metallic Nano-particles
S Durukanoglu, E Ilker, M Konuk, M Madran
APS Meeting Abstracts, 2019
Differentiated chaos in phases boundaries, overfrustrated/underfrustrated repressed/induced spin-glass order, asymmetric phase diagrams, and critical phases in spin-glass systems
E İlker
Simulating cw-ESR Spectrum Using Discrete Markov Model of Single Brownian Trajectory
E Ilker
arXiv preprint arXiv:1411.3003, 2014
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