Tatiana Demina
Tatiana Demina
Enikolopov Institute of Synthetic Polymeric Materials, Russian Academy of Sciences
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DC discharge plasma modification of chitosan/gelatin/PLLA films: Surface properties, chemical structure and cell affinity
T Demina, D Zaytseva-Zotova, M Yablokov, A Gilman, T Akopova, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 207, 508-516, 2012
Polylactide-based microspheres prepared using solid-state copolymerized chitosan and d, l-lactide
TS Demina, TA Akopova, LV Vladimirov, AN Zelenetskii, EA Markvicheva, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 59, 333-338, 2016
DC discharge plasma modification of chitosan films: an effect of chitosan chemical structure
TS Demina, MG Drozdova, MY Yablokov, AI Gaidar, AB Gilman, ...
Plasma Processes and Polymers 12 (8), 710-718, 2015
Solid-state synthesis of unsaturated chitosan derivatives to design 3D structures through two-photon-induced polymerization
TA Akopova, PS Timashev, TS Demina, KN Bardakova, NV Minaev, ...
Mendeleev Communications 4 (25), 280-282, 2015
New surface-enhanced Raman scattering platforms: composite calcium carbonate microspheres coated with astralen and silver nanoparticles
IY Stetciura, AV Markin, AN Ponomarev, AV Yakimansky, TS Demina, ...
Langmuir 29 (12), 4140-4147, 2013
Two-Photon-Induced Microstereolithography of Chitosan-g-Oligolactides as a Function of Their Stereochemical Composition
TS Demina, KN Bardakova, NV Minaev, EA Svidchenko, AV Istomin, ...
Polymers 9 (7), 302, 2017
A Novel Approach to Design Chitosan-Polyester Materials for Biomedical Applications
TA Akopova, TS Demina, AN Shchegolikhin, TS Kurkin, C Grandfils, ...
International Journal of Polymer Science 2012, 2012
Non‐woven bilayered biodegradable chitosan‐gelatin‐polylactide scaffold for bioengineering of tracheal epithelium
OA Romanova, TH Tenchurin, TS Demina, EV Sytina, AD Shepelev, ...
Cell proliferation 52 (3), e12598, 2019
Application of high-energy chemistry methods to the modification of the structure and properties of polylactide (a review)
TS Demina, AB Gilman, AN Zelenetskii
High Energy Chemistry 51 (4), 302-314, 2017
Compatibility of cells of the nervous system with structured biodegradable chitosan-based hydrogel matrices
PS Timashev, KN Bardakova, NV Minaev, TS Demina, TA Mishchenko, ...
Applied biochemistry and microbiology 52 (5), 508-514, 2016
Modification of the chitosan structure and properties using high-energy chemistry methods
TS Demina, AB Gilman, TA Akopova, AN Zelenetskii
High Energy Chemistry 48 (5), 293-302, 2014
Nanocrystalline Cellulose from Flax Stalks: Preparation, Structure, and Use
AV Istomin, TS Demina, EN Subcheva, TA Akopova, AN Zelenetskii
Fibre Chemistry 48 (3), 199-201, 2016
Solid state synthesis of chitosan and its unsaturated derivatives for laser microfabrication of 3D scaffolds
TA Akopova, TS Demina, VN Bagratashvili, KN Bardakova, MM Novikov, ...
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 87 (1), 012079, 2015
The study of the interaction between chitosan and 2, 2-bis (hydroxymethyl) propionic acid during solid-phase synthesis
TS Demina, TA Akopova, LV Vladimirov, AN Shchegolikhin, ...
Polymer Science Series B 53 (5), 358-370, 2011
Solvent-free synthesis and characterization of allyl chitosan derivatives
TA Akopova, TS Demina, GV Cherkaev, MA Khavpachev, KN Bardakova, ...
RSC Advances 9 (36), 20968-20975, 2019
Fabrication of microstructured materials based on chitosan and its derivatives using two-photon polymerization
PS Timashev, TS Demina, NV Minaev, KN Bardakova, AV Koroleva, ...
High Energy Chemistry 49 (4), 300-303, 2015
Macroporous hydrogels based on chitosan derivatives: Preparation, characterization, and in vitro evaluation
TS Demina, DS Zaytseva‐Zotova, TA Akopova, AN Zelenetskii, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 134 (13), 2017
Chitosan-g-oligo (L, L-lactide) copolymer hydrogel for nervous tissue regeneration in glutamate excitotoxicity: In vitro feasibility evaluation
EA Grebenik, AM Surin, KN Bardakova, TS Demina, NV Minaev, ...
Biomedical Materials 15 (1), 015011, 2020
Preparation of Poly (L, L-Lactide) Microparticles via Pickering Emulsions Using Chitin Nanocrystals
TS Demina, YS Sotnikova, AV Istomin, C Grandfils, TA Akopova, ...
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2018, 2018
Biodegradablescaffolds based on chitosan: Preparation, properties, and use for the cultivation of animal cells
NR Kil’deeva, MA Kasatkina, MG Drozdova, TS Demina, SA Uspenskii, ...
Applied biochemistry and microbiology 52 (5), 515-524, 2016
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