Pakorn Kanchanawong
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Nanoscale architecture of integrin-based cell adhesions
P Kanchanawong, G Shtengel, AM Pasapera, EB Ramko, MW Davidson, ...
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S Xia, P Kanchanawong
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Charge Delocalization in the Special-Pair Radical Cation of Mutant Reaction Centers of Rhodobacter s phaeroides from Stark Spectra and Nonadiabatic Spectral Simulations
P Kanchanawong, MG Dahlbom, TP Treynor, JR Reimers, NS Hush, ...
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Establishment of the PAR-1 cortical gradient by the aPKC-PRBH circuit
R Ramanujam, Z Han, Z Zhang, P Kanchanawong, F Motegi
Nature chemical biology 14 (10), 917-927, 2018
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