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georgekupar kharmawlong
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An environment-friendly magnetic organo-nanomaterial as a potent catalyst in synthesis of pyranopyrazole derivatives
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[1, 3] oxazines: green synthesis by sonication using a magnetically-separable basic nano-catalyst and investigation of its activity against the toxic effect of a pesticide on…
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Organocatalytic Green Approach Towards the Fabrication of Fused Benzo N,N‐containing Heterocycles Facilitated by Ultrasonic Irradiation
R Nongrum, GK Kharmawlong, JWS Rani, N Rahman, A Dutta, ...
Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 56 (10), 2873.-2883, 2019
Ultrasound‐Assisted Synthesis of Nitrogen and Oxygen Containing Heterocycles Using Fluorinated Graphene Oxide as Catalyst: Evaluation of Their Anthelmintic Activities
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Fe 3 O 4 supported acidic ionic liquid: An efficient and recyclable magnetic nanoparticles catalyst for one-pot synthesis of Bis (indolyl) methanes
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A new approach for the synthesis of biologically active chromene compounds using a photo catalyst TiO2-Ag
GK Kharmawlong, R Nongrum, JE Kumar, B Chhetri, AK Yadav, ...
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One-pot synthesis of 3, 4-dihydropyrimidin-2 (1H)-ones catalysed by [BMIM] Br under solvent-free condition
JWS Rani, C Kathing, NG Singh, R Nongrum, N Rahman, ...
Fe3O4 supported acidic ionic liquid: An efficient and recyclable magnetic nanoparticles catalyst for one-pot synthesis of Bis (indolyl) methanes
G Sing Nongthombam, C Kathing, R Nongrum, G Kupar Kharmawlong, ...
NIScPR-CSIR, India, 2023
Ridaphun Nongrum1, 2 Mattilang Kharkongor3 Geetmani Singh Nongthombam2 Jims World Star Rani2
N Rahman, GK Kharmawlong, R Nongkhlaw
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