Darwin Barayang Putungan
Darwin Barayang Putungan
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Structural properties of small Lin (n = 5–8) atomic clusters via ab initio random structure searching: A look into the role of different implementations of long-range …
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二維過渡金屬二硫屬化物 能源轉換和存儲: 密度 密度泛函理論研究
DB Putungan
Enhanced Ferromagnetism in Zn0. 5 (Co) 0.5 O alloy: DFT calculations
AB Santos-Putungan, JGA Dizon, DB Putungan, FNC Paraan
Proceedings of the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas, 2015
Effects of spatial barrier and tolerance on the spread of rumor: An agent-based simulation
CP Crisostomo, RDA Reysoma, GM Oca, DB Putungan
Proceedings of the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas, 2010
Effects of Spatial Barrier and Tolerance on the Spread of Rumor: An Agent-Based Simulation
Christian P. Crisostomo, Raphael Dan Alan Reysoma, Gilbert M. Oca, Darwin B ...
28th National Physics Congress, 2010
Ordering Correlation Function Implementation for Ordering Analysis of 1D Nanowires Simulated via Kinetic Monte Carlo Method
Darwin B. Putungan, Henry J. Ramos, Alexandra B. Santos, Marvin A. Albao
28th National Physics Congress, 2010
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