Quan Zou (邹权)
Quan Zou (邹权)
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
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Biological functions of microRNAs: a review
Y Huang, XJ Shen, Q Zou, SP Wang, SM Tang, GZ Zhang
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Integrative approaches for predicting microRNA function and prioritizing disease-related microRNA using biological interaction networks
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The Symbiodinium kawagutii genome illuminates dinoflagellate gene expression and coral symbiosis
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Survey of MapReduce frame operation in bioinformatics
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林子雨, 赖永炫, 林琛, 谢怡, 邹权
软件学报 23 (005), 1148-1166, 2012
Prediction of microRNA-disease associations based on social network analysis methods
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L Wei, J Tang, Q Zou
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HAlign: Fast multiple similar DNA/RNA sequence alignment based on the centre star strategy
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TiSGeD: a database for tissue-specific genes
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Pretata: predicting TATA binding proteins with novel features and dimensionality reduction strategy
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