Victor Hugo Baltazar Hernández
Victor Hugo Baltazar Hernández
Professor at Autonomous University of Zacatecas
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Tempering of martensite in dual-phase steels and its effects on softening behavior
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Effects of martensite tempering on HAZ-softening and tensile properties of resistance spot welded dual-phase steels
VH Baltazar Hernandez
University of Waterloo, 2010
Effect of V-Ti on the microstructure and abrasive wear behavior of 6CrC cast steel mill balls
SI Maldonado-Ruiz, P Orozco-González, VH Baltazar-Hernández, ...
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Characterization of resistance spot welded transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steels with different silicon and carbon contents
CM V.H. Vargas, I. Mejia, V.H. Baltazar-Hernandez
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Microstructure and Properties Characterization of WC-Co-Cr Thermal Spray Coatings
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Effect of retained austenite and non-metallic inclusions on the mechanical properties of resistance spot welding nuggets of low-alloy TRIP steels
VH Vargas Cortés, G Altamirano Guerrero, I Mejía Granados, ...
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Microstructure, forming limit diagram, and strain distribution of pre-strained DP-IF steel tailor–welded blank for auto body application
S Basak, BS Katiyar, P Orozco-Gonzalez, VH Baltazar-Hernandez, ...
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 104 (5), 1749 …, 2019
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