John Z. Wen
John Z. Wen
University of Waterloo; University of Toronto; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Modeling soot formation in turbulent kerosene/air jet diffusion flames
Z Wen, S Yun, MJ Thomson, MF Lightstone
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Development of an equivalent circuit model for electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLCs) with distinct electrolytes
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Detailed kinetic modeling of carbonaceous nanoparticle inception and surface growth during the pyrolysis of C6H6 behind shock waves
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Simulation of cogeneration within the concept of smart energy networks
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Optimization of soot modeling in turbulent nonpremixed ethylene/air jet flames
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S Visakhamoorthy, T Tzanetakis, D Haggith, A Sobiesiak, JZ Wen
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Combustion characteristics of physically mixed 40 nm aluminum/copper oxide nanothermites using laser ignition
F Saceleanu, M Idir, N Chaumeix, JZ Wen
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Characterization of thermochemical properties of Al nanoparticle and NiO nanowire composites
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Experimental study of a flush wall scramjet combustor equipped with strut/wall fuel injection
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Electrochemical characterization and equivalent circuit modeling of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) coated electrodes
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Experimental study of catalyst nanoparticle and single walled carbon nanotube formation in a controlled premixed combustion
JZ Wen, H Richter, WH Green, JB Howard, M Treska, PM Jardim, ...
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Subwavelength plasmonic waveguides based on ZnO nanowires and nanotubes: a theoretical study of thermo-optical properties
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Multipseudopotential interaction: A solution for thermodynamic inconsistency in pseudopotential lattice Boltzmann models
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Interfacial bonding mechanism in Al/coated steel dissimilar refill friction stir spot welds
Z Shen, Y Ding, J Chen, BS Amirkhiz, J Wen, L Fu, A Gerlich
Journal of Materials Science & Technology 35 (6), 102, 2019
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