Xudong Chen
Xudong Chen
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Autonomous exploration and mapping system using heterogeneous UAVs and UGVs in GPS-denied environments
H Qin, Z Meng, W Meng, X Chen, H Sun, F Lin, MH Ang
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High-precision multi-UAV teaming for the first outdoor night show in Singapore
KZY Ang, X Dong, W Liu, G Qin, S Lai, K Wang, D Wei, S Zhang, ...
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Multi-agent systems with reciprocal interaction laws
X Chen
Harvard University, 2014
Vision-aided tracking of a moving ground vehicle with a hybrid uav
K Wang, SK Phang, Y Ke, X Chen, K Gong, BM Chen
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Investigation on the impact damage of glass using the combined finite/discrete element method
X Chen
University of Birmingham, 2013
Trajectory planning for improving vision-based target geolocation performance using a quad-rotor UAV
L Zhang, F Deng, J Chen, Y Bi, SK Phang, X Chen
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System integration of a vision-guided UAV for autonomous tracking on moving platform in low illumination condition
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Development of cemented paste backfill based on the addition of three mineral additions using the mixture design modeling approach
C Chen, X Li, X Chen, J Chai, H Tian
Construction and Building Materials 229, 116919, 2019
Reciprocal Multi-Agent Systems with Triangulated Laman Graphs
X Chen
preprint available on arXiv, 0
Visual Target Detection and Tracking Framework Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Micro Aerial Vehicles
M Lao, X Chen, F Lin, G Qin, W Liu, Y Zhou
2018 IEEE 14th International Conference on Control and Automation (ICCA …, 2018
Simulating the failure of masonry walls subjected to support settlement with the combined finite-discrete element method
X Chen, X Wang, H Wang, AK Agrawal, AHC Chan, Y Cheng
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Impact Fracture of Glass. The Combined Finite-Discrete Element Study
X Chen
GRIN Verlag, 2019
Design and Implementation of Navigation Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
X Chen
PQDT-Global, 2018
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