Monica Emelko
Monica Emelko
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Water Science, Technology & Policy, University of Waterloo
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Implications of land disturbance on drinking water treatability in a changing climate: demonstrating the need for “source water supply and protection” strategies
MB Emelko, U Silins, KD Bladon, M Stone
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Wildfire and the future of water supply
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Effects of filter operation on Cryptosporidium removal
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Removal of viable and inactivated Cryptosporidium by dual-and tri-media filtration
MB Emelko
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Sedimentphosphorus dynamics can shift aquatic ecology and cause downstream legacy effects after wildfire in large river systems
MB Emelko, M Stone, U Silins, D Allin, AL Collins, CHS Williams, ...
Global Change Biology, 2015
Fiveyear legacy of wildfire and salvage logging impacts on nutrient runoff and aquatic plant, invertebrate, and fish productivity
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Transport and retention of a bacteriophage and microspheres in saturated, angular porous media: Effects of ionic strength and grain size
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A review of Cryptosporidium removal by granular media filtration
MB Emelko, PM Huck, BM Coffey
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Microspheres as surrogates for filtration of Cryptosporidium
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The use of composite fingerprints to quantify sediment sources in a wildfire impacted landscape, Alberta, Canada
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Cryptosporidium and microsphere removal during late in cycle filtration
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Biostabilization and erodibility of cohesive sediment deposits in wildfire-affected streams
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Chitosan and metal salt coagulant impacts on Cryptosporidium and microsphere removal by filtration
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The utility of microspheres as surrogates for the transport of E. coli RS2g in partially saturated agricultural soil
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The effect of bed age and shear stress on the particle morphology of eroded cohesive river sediment in an annular flume
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Microspheres as Surrogates for Cryptosporidium Filtration
MB Emelko, PM Huck
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