Daqiang Gao
Daqiang Gao
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Green synthesis of Pt–Au dendrimer-like nanoparticles supported on polydopamine-functionalized graphene and their high performance toward 4-nitrophenol reduction
W Ye, J Yu, Y Zhou, D Gao, D Wang, C Wang, D Xue
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DualFunctional N Dopants in Edges and Basal Plane of MoS2 Nanosheets Toward Efficient and Durable Hydrogen Evolution
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Activating and Optimizing Activity of CoS2 for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction through the Synergic Effect of N Dopants and S Vacancies
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TMD-based highly efficient electrocatalysts developed by combined computational and experimental approaches
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N-doped WS 2 nanosheets: a high-performance electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction
C Sun, J Zhang, J Ma, P Liu, D Gao, K Tao, D Xue
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Integrated Hierarchical Carbon Flake Arrays with Hollow PDoped CoSe2 Nanoclusters as an Advanced Bifunctional Catalyst for Zn–Air Batteries
H Zhang, T Wang, A Sumboja, W Zang, J Xie, D Gao, SJ Pennycook, Z Liu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (40), 1804846, 2018
Selfpowered watersplitting devices by core–shell NiFe@ Ngraphitebased Zn–Air batteries
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Bimetallic nickel cobalt sulfide as efficient electrocatalyst for Zn–air battery and water splitting
J Zhang, X Bai, T Wang, W Xiao, P Xi, J Wang, D Gao, J Wang
Nano-micro letters 11 (1), 2, 2019
A low crystallinity oxygen-vacancy-rich Co 3 O 4 cathode for high-performance flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
J Hao, S Peng, H Li, S Dang, T Qin, Y Wen, J Huang, F Ma, D Gao, F Li, ...
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Ferromagnetism in ZnO nanoparticles induced by doping of a nonmagnetic element: Al
D Gao, J Zhang, G Yang, J Zhang, Z Shi, J Qi, Z Zhang, D Xue
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (32), 13477-13481, 2010
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