Mohammadreza Kosari
Mohammadreza Kosari
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department, National University of Singapore (NUS)
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Decomposition of tributhyl phosphate at supercritical water oxidation conditions: non-catalytic, catalytic, and kinetic reaction studies
M Kosari, M Golmohammadi, J Towfighi, SJ Ahmadi
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Thermal resistance, tensile properties, and gamma radiation shielding performance of unsaturated polyester/nanoclay/PbO composites
K Bagheri, SM Razavi, SJ Ahmadi, M Kosari, H Abolghasemi
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A review on polyaniline-based materials applications in heavy metals removal and catalytic processes
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Cobalt (II) Adsorption from Aqueous Solution Using Alginate-SBA-15 Nanocomposite: Kinetic, Isotherm, Thermodynamic Studies and Neural Network Modeling
MR Kowsari, H Sepehrian, M Mahani, J Fasihi
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Pd‐Decorated CuO Thin Film for Photodegradation of Acetaminophen and Triclosan under Visible Light Irradiation
R Katal, SM Panah, M Saeedikhani, M Kosari, CC Sheng, OS Leong, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2018
Zinc Adsorption Properties of Alginate-SBA-15 nanocomposite
M Kowsari, H Sepehrian
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Evaluation of Solar-Driven Photocatalytic Activity of Thermal Treated TiO2 under Various Atmospheres
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Synthesis of “L-cysteine–graphene oxide” hybrid by new methods and elucidation of its uptake properties for Hg (II) ion
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Polyurethane/clay nanocomposites reinforced with carbon and glass fibres: study of mechanical and thermal properties, and the effect of electron beam irradiation
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Plastics, Rubber and Composites 46 (9), 413-420, 2017
Kinetic Study and Equilibrium Isotherm Analysis of Nickel (II) Adsorption onto Alginate-SBA-15 Nanocomposite
M Kosari, H Sepehrian, J Fasihi, M Arabieh
Journal of Applied Chemical Research 11 (1), 135-149, 2017
Uranium Ions Removal Using Amberlite CG-400 Anion Exchanger Resin in the Pesence of Sulfate Anions
M Kosari, H Sepehrian, M Outokesh, javad Fasihi, M Mahani
International Journal of Engineering 29 (6), 728-734, 2016
Adsorptive behavior of an amberlite anion exchanger resin for uranium (VI) sorption in the presence of sulfate anions
M Kowsari, H Sepehrian, J Fasihi, M Arabieh, M Mahani
International Journal of Engineering 29 (2), 170-175, 2016
Batch Process of Phenol Adsorption onto Activated Carbon in Stirred Reactor: Modeling Using Two Intelligent Approaches (ANN and LS-SVM) and Conventional Homogenous Surfaceá…
M Kosari, A Naderi, SJ Ahmadi, M Outokesh
Materials Focus 6 (1), 72-81, 2017
Fluoride Ions Removal using Yttrium Alginate Biocomposite from an Aqueous Solution
M Kosari, H Sepehrian
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Uranium Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Ion-Exchange Resin DOWEX® 2x8 in the Presence of Sulfate Anions
M Kosari, H Sepehrian
International Journal of Engineering 29 (12), 1677-1683, 2016
Gaseous Iodine Entrapping Onto Mesoporous Silica MCM-41 Supported d-Element Nitrate
R Rohani, H Sepehrian, M Kosari, J Fasihi, M Mahani
Materials Focus 6 (2), 87-95, 2017
Comparative Sorption Potential of Gaseous Iodine Onto Nanoporous Silicate SBA-15 Supported Various d-Element Nitrates
MR Kosari, R Rohani, H Sepehrian, J Fasihi, M Mahani
Energy and Environment Focus 5 (2), 131-138, 2016
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