Amir Ghobadi
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Visible light nearly perfect absorber: an optimum unit cell arrangement for near absolute polarization insensitivity
A Ghobadi, H Hajian, M Gokbayrak, SA Dereshgi, A Toprak, B Butun, ...
Optics express 25 (22), 27624-27634, 2017
A Heterojunction Design of Single Layer Hole Tunneling ZnO Passivation Wrapping around TiO2Nanowires for Superior Photocatalytic Performance
A Ghobadi, TG Ulusoy, R Garifullin, MO Guler, AK Okyay
Scientific reports 6, 30587, 2016
Ultra-broadband, wide angle absorber utilizing metal insulator multilayers stack with a multi-thickness metal surface texture
A Ghobadi, SA Dereshgi, H Hajian, B Bozok, B Butun, E Ozbay
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Surface engineered angstrom thick ZnO-sheathed TiO 2 nanowires as photoanodes for performance enhanced dye-sensitized solar cells
TG Ulusoy, A Ghobadi, AK Okyay
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Ultra-broadband, lithography-free, and large-scale compatible perfect absorbers: the optimum choice of metal layers in metal-insulator multilayer stacks
SA Dereshgi, A Ghobadi, H Hajian, B Butun, E Ozbay
Scientific reports 7 (1), 14872, 2017
Tuning the metal filling fraction in metal-insulator-metal ultra-broadband perfect absorbers to maximize the absorption bandwidth
A Ghobadi, H Hajian, AR Rashed, B Butun, E Ozbay
Photonics Research 6 (3), 168-176, 2018
97 percent light absorption in an ultrabroadband frequency range utilizing an ultrathin metal layer: randomly oriented, densely packed dielectric nanowires as an excellent …
A Ghobadi, SA Dereshgi, H Hajian, G Birant, B Butun, A Bek, E Ozbay
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Strong light–matter interaction in lithography-free planar metamaterial perfect absorbers
A Ghobadi, H Hajian, B Butun, E Ozbay
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Strategies for Plasmonic Hot‐Electron‐Driven Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
TGU Ghobadi, A Ghobadi, E Ozbay, F Karadas
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Disordered nanohole patterns in metal-insulator multilayer for ultra-broadband light absorption: atomic layer deposition for lithography free highly repeatable large scale …
A Ghobadi, H Hajian, SA Dereshgi, B Bozok, B Butun, E Ozbay
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Hybrid plasmon–phonon polariton bands in graphene–hexagonal boron nitride metamaterials
H Hajian, A Ghobadi, SA Dereshgi, B Butun, E Ozbay
JOSA B 34 (7), D29-D35, 2017
Controlling luminescent silicon nanoparticle emission produced by nanosecond pulsed laser ablation: role of interface defect states and crystallinity phase
TGU Ghobadi, A Ghobadi, T Okyay, K Topalli, AK Okyay
RSC Advances 6 (113), 112520-112526, 2016
Tunable, omnidirectional, and nearly perfect resonant absorptions by a graphene-hBN-based hole array metamaterial
H Hajian, A Ghobadi, B Butun, E Ozbay
Optics express 26 (13), 16940-16954, 2018
Enhanced performance of nanowire-based all-TiO2 solar cells using subnanometer-thick atomic layer deposited ZnO embedded layer
A Ghobadi, HI Yavuz, TG Ulusoy, KC Icli, M Ozenbas, AK Okyay
Electrochimica Acta 157, 23-30, 2015
Lithography-Free Planar Band-Pass Reflective Color Filter Using A Series Connection of Cavities
A Ghobadi, H Hajian, MC Soydan, B Butun, E Ozbay
Scientific reports 9 (1), 290, 2019
Nearly perfect resonant absorption and coherent thermal emission by hBN-based photonic crystals
H Hajian, A Ghobadi, B Butun, E Ozbay
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Emerging photoluminescence from defective vanadium diselenide nanosheets
A Ghobadi, TGU Ghobadi, AK Okyay, E Ozbay
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Ultra-broadband asymmetric light transmission and absorption through the use of metal free multilayer capped dielectric microsphere resonator
A Ghobadi, SA Dereshgi, B Butun, E Ozbay
Scientific reports 7 (1), 14538, 2017
Disordered and Densely Packed ITO Nanorods as an Excellent Lithography-Free Optical Solar Reflector Metasurface
DU Yildirim, A Ghobadi, MC Soydan, O Atesal, A Toprak, MD Caliskan, ...
ACS Photonics, 2019
Bismuth-based metamaterials: from narrowband reflective color filter to extremely broadband near perfect absorber
A Ghobadi, H Hajian, M Gokbayrak, B Butun, E Ozbay
Nanophotonics 8 (5), 823-832, 2019
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