Anupam Vivek
Anupam Vivek
Research Scientist, The Ohio State University
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Vaporizing foil actuator: A tool for collision welding
A Vivek, SR Hansen, BC Liu, GS Daehn
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 213 (12), 2304-2311, 2013
Coupling experiment and simulation in electromagnetic forming using photon doppler velocimetry
JR Johnson, G Taber, A Vivek, Y Zhang, S Golowin, K Banik, GK Fenton, ...
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A Vivek, BC Liu, SR Hansen, GS Daehn
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A state-of-the-art review on solid-state metal joining
W Cai, G Daehn, A Vivek, J Li, H Khan, RS Mishra, M Komarasamy
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Depiction of interfacial morphology in impact welded Ti/Cu bimetallic systems using smoothed particle hydrodynamics
A Nassiri, A Vivek, T Abke, B Liu, T Lee, G Daehn
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Microstructures and mechanical properties of laser penetration welding joint with/without Ni-foil in an overlap steel-on-aluminum configuration
S Chen, J Huang, K Ma, X Zhao, A Vivek
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Simulation and instrumentation of electromagnetic compression of steel tubes
A Vivek, KH Kim, GS Daehn
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Vaporizing foil actuator used for impulse forming and embossing of titanium and aluminum alloys
A Vivek, RC Brune, SR Hansen, GS Daehn
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 214 (4), 865-875, 2014
Benchmarking strength and fatigue properties of spot impact welds
A Kapil, T Lee, A Vivek, J Bockbrader, T Abke, G Daehn
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Numerical investigation of CP-Ti & Cu110 impact welding using smoothed particle hydrodynamics and arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian methods
A Nassiri, S Zhang, T Lee, T Abke, A Vivek, B Kinsey, G Daehn
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Vaporizing foil actuator welding as a competing technology to magnetic pulse welding
M Hahn, C Weddeling, G Taber, A Vivek, GS Daehn, AE Tekkaya
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A robust process-structure model for predicting the joint interface structure in impact welding
V Gupta, T Lee, A Vivek, KS Choi, Y Mao, X Sun, G Daehn
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Laser impact welding application in joining aluminum to titanium
H Wang, A Vivek, Y Wang, G Taber, GS Daehn
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Wave formation in impact welding: Study of the Cu–Ti system
T Lee, S Zhang, A Vivek, G Daehn, B Kinsey
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Impact welding of aluminum alloys 6061 and 5052 by vaporizing foil actuators: heat-affected zone size and Peel strength
SR Hansen, A Vivek, GS Daehn
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Material constitutive parameter identification using an electromagnetic ring expansion experiment coupled with LS-DYNA and LS-OPT
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Proceedings of the 10th International LS-DYNA Users’ Conference, 2008
Mechanical properties of joints in 5052 aluminum made with adhesive bonding and mechanical fasteners
B Ufferman, T Abke, M Barker, A Vivek, GS Daehn
International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 83, 96-102, 2018
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