Weijie Chi
Weijie Chi
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Exploring the electrochemical properties of hole transport materials with spiro-cores for efficient perovskite solar cells from first-principles
WJ Chi, QS Li, ZS Li
Nanoscale 8 (11), 6146-6154, 2016
The theoretical investigation on the 4-(4-phenyl-4-α-naphthylbutadieny)-triphenylamine derivatives as hole transporting materials for perovskite-type solar cells
WJ Chi, ZS Li
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (8), 5991-5998, 2015
Structural engineering of luminogens with high emission efficiency both in solution and in the solid state
H Wu, Z Chen, W Chi, AK Bindra, L Gu, C Qian, B Wu, B Yue, G Liu, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (33), 11419-11423, 2019
Achieving amorphous ultralong room temperature phosphorescence by coassembling planar small organic molecules with polyvinyl alcohol
H Wu, W Chi, Z Chen, G Liu, L Gu, AK Bindra, G Yang, X Liu, Y Zhao
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (10), 1807243, 2019
A strategy to improve the efficiency of hole transporting materials: Introduction of a highly symmetrical core
WJ Chi, PP Sun, ZS Li
Nanoscale 8 (41), 17752-17756, 2016
A Highly Reversible Mechanochromic Difluorobenzothiadiazole Dye with NearInfrared Emission
J Chen, D Li, W Chi, G Liu, SH Liu, X Liu, C Zhang, J Yin
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (15), 3671-3676, 2018
Quantitative design of bright fluorophores and AIEgens by the accurate prediction of twisted intramolecular charge transfer (TICT)
C Wang, Q Qiao, W Chi, J Chen, W Liu, D Tan, S McKechnie, D Lyu, ...
Angewandte Chemie 132 (25), 10246-10258, 2020
Quaternary piperazine-substituted rhodamines with enhanced brightness for super-resolution imaging
Z Ye, W Yang, C Wang, Y Zheng, W Chi, X Liu, Z Huang, X Li, Y Xiao
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (37), 14491-14495, 2019
Crystal multiconformational control through deformable carbonsulfur bond for singlettriplet emissive tuning
H Wu, W Chi, G Baryshnikov, B Wu, Y Gong, D Zheng, X Li, Y Zhao, X Liu, ...
Angewandte Chemie 131 (13), 4372-4377, 2019
Effects of molecular configuration on charge diffusion kinetics within hole-transporting materials for perovskites solar cells
WJ Chi, QS Li, ZS Li
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (16), 8584-8590, 2015
How to regulate energy levels and hole mobility of spiro-type hole transport materials in perovskite solar cells
WJ Chi, PP Sun, ZS Li
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (39), 27073-27077, 2016
A H-bond strategy to develop acid-resistant photoswitchable rhodamine spirolactams for super-resolution single-molecule localization microscopy
Q Qi, W Chi, Y Li, Q Qiao, J Chen, L Miao, Y Zhang, J Li, W Ji, T Xu, X Liu, ...
Chemical science 10 (18), 4914-4922, 2019
Simple-structured small molecule acceptors constructed by a weakly electron-deficient thiazolothiazole core for high-efficiency non-fullerene organic solar cells
WZ Wenhong Peng, Guangjun Zhang, Lin Shao, Chao Ma, Bin Zhang, Weijie Chi ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6, 24267-24276, 2018
A General Descriptor ΔE Enables the Quantitative Development of Luminescent Materials Based on Photoinduced Electron Transfer
W Chi, J Chen, W Liu, C Wang, Q Qi, Q Qiao, TM Tan, K Xiong, X Liu, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (14), 6777-6785, 2020
Density functional calculations for a high energy density compound of formula C 6 H 6− n (NO 2) n
WJ Chi, LL Li, BT Li, HS Wu
Journal of molecular modeling 18 (8), 3695-3704, 2012
Optimizing thienothiophene chain lengths of D–π–D hole transport materials in perovskite solar cells for improving energy levels and hole mobility
WJ Chi, DY Zheng, XF Chen, ZS Li
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (38), 10055-10060, 2017
Molecular design of N–NO 2 substituted cycloalkanes derivatives C m (N–NO 2) m for energetic materials with high detonation performance and low impact sensitivity
YY Guo, WJ Chi, ZS Li, QS Li
RSC Advances 5 (48), 38048-38055, 2015
A PhotoexcitationInduced Twisted Intramolecular Charge Shuttle
W Chi, Q Qiao, R Lee, W Liu, YS Teo, D Gu, MJ Lang, YT Chang, Z Xu, ...
Angewandte Chemie 131 (21), 7147-7151, 2019
Theoretical investigation on the heats of formation and detonation performance in polydinitroaminocubanes
W Chi, X Wang, B Li, H Wu
Journal of molecular modeling 18 (9), 4217-4223, 2012
Effect of thiophene chain lengths on the optical and hole transport properties for perovskite solar cells
WJ Chi, QS Li, ZS Li
Synthetic Metals 211, 107-114, 2016
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