Eva Stüeken
Eva Stüeken
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Isotopic evidence for biological nitrogen fixation by molybdenum-nitrogenase from 3.2 Gyr
EE Stüeken, R Buick, BM Guy, MC Koehler
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The evolution of Earth's biogeochemical nitrogen cycle
EE Stüeken, MA Kipp, MC Koehler, R Buick
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Contributions to late Archaean sulphur cycling by life on land
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Did life originate from a global chemical reactor?
EE Stüeken, RE Anderson, JS Bowman, WJ Brazelton, J ColangeloLillis, ...
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The astrobiology primer v2. 0
SD Domagal-Goldman, KE Wright, K Adamala, LA De La Rubia, J Bond, ...
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A test of the nitrogen-limitation hypothesis for retarded eukaryote radiation: Nitrogen isotopes across a Mesoproterozoic basinal profile
EE Stüeken
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MW Claire, JF Kasting, SD Domagal-Goldman, EE Stüeken, R Buick, ...
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EE Stüeken, R Buick, AJ Schauer
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Selenium isotopes support free O2 in the latest Archean
EE Stüeken, R Buick, AD Anbar
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PAEP Von Strandmann, EE Stüeken, T Elliott, SW Poulton, CM Dehler, ...
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The evolution of the global selenium cycle: Secular trends in Se isotopes and abundances
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Spatial and temporal trends in Precambrian nitrogen cycling: A Mesoproterozoic offshore nitrate minimum
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Selenium isotopes record extensive marine suboxia during the Great Oxidation Event
MA Kipp, EE Stüeken, A Bekker, R Buick
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Biomass recycling and Earth’s early phosphorus cycle
MA Kipp, EE Stüeken
Science advances 3 (11), eaao4795, 2017
Modeling pN2 through Geological Time: Implications for Planetary Climates and Atmospheric Biosignatures
EE Stüeken, MA Kipp, MC Koehler, EW Schwieterman, B Johnson, ...
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Selenium isotope analysis of organic-rich shales: advances in sample preparation and isobaric interference correction
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Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 28 (11), 1734-1749, 2013
Differential metamorphic effects on nitrogen isotopes in kerogen extracts and bulk rocks
EE Stüeken, J Zaloumis, J Meixnerová, R Buick
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Selenium isotope ratios, redox changes and biological productivity across the end-Permian mass extinction
EE Stüeken, J Foriel, R Buick, SD Schoepfer
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Pervasive aerobic nitrogen cycling in the surface ocean across the Paleoproterozoic Era
MA Kipp, EE Stüeken, M Yun, A Bekker, R Buick
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 500, 117-126, 2018
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