Maricor Arlos
Maricor Arlos
Assistant Professor
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Distribution of selected antiandrogens and pharmaceuticals in a highly impacted watershed
MJ Arlos, LM Bragg, WJ Parker, MR Servos
Water Research 72, 40-50, 2015
Photocatalytic decomposition of organic micropollutants using immobilized TiO2 having different isoelectric points
MJ Arlos, MM Hatat-Fraile, R Liang, LM Bragg, NY Zhou, SA Andrews, ...
Water research 101, 351-361, 2016
Reduction of intersex in a wild fish population in response to major municipal wastewater treatment plant upgrades
KA Hicks, MLM Fuzzen, EK McCann, MJ Arlos, LM Bragg, S Kleywegt, ...
Environmental science & technology 51 (3), 1811-1819, 2017
Photocatalytic decomposition of selected estrogens and their estrogenic activity by UV-LED irradiated TiO2 immobilized on porous titanium sheets via thermal-chemical oxidation
MJ Arlos, R Liang, MM Hatat-Fraile, LM Bragg, NY Zhou, MR Servos, ...
Journal of Hazardous Materials 318, 541-550, 2016
Simulation of the fate of selected pharmaceuticals and personal care products in a highly impacted reach of a Canadian watershed
MJ Arlos, LM Bragg, MR Servos, WJ Parker
Science of the total environment 485, 193-204, 2014
Concurrent photocatalytic and filtration processes using doped TiO2 coated quartz fiber membranes in a photocatalytic membrane reactor
M Hatat-Fraile, R Liang, MJ Arlos, RX He, P Peng, MR Servos, YN Zhou
Chemical Engineering Journal 330, 531-540, 2017
Utilizing UV-LED pulse width modulation on TiO2 advanced oxidation processes to enhance the decomposition efficiency of pharmaceutical micropollutants
R Liang, JC Van Leuwen, LM Bragg, MJ Arlos, LCMLC Fong, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 361, 439-449, 2019
Multi-year prediction of estrogenicity in municipal wastewater effluents
MJ Arlos, WJ Parker, JR Bicudo, P Law, P Marjan, SA Andrews, ...
Science of the Total Environment 610, 1103-1112, 2018
Modeling the exposure of wild fish to endocrine active chemicals: Potential linkages of total estrogenicity to field-observed intersex
MJ Arlos, WJ Parker, JR Bicudo, P Law, KA Hicks, MLM Fuzzen, ...
Water research 139, 187-197, 2018
Photocatalytic degradation using TiO2-graphene nanocomposite under UV-LED illumination: Optimization using response surface methodology
A Fattahi, R Liang, A Kaur, O Schneider, MJ Arlos, P Peng, M Servos, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 7 (5), 103366, 2019
Influence of methanol when used as a water-miscible carrier of pharmaceuticals in TiO2 photocatalytic degradation experiments
MJ Arlos, R Liang, LCMLC Fong, NY Zhou, CJ Ptacek, SA Andrews, ...
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5 (5), 4497-4504, 2017
Photodecomposition of pharmaceuticals and personal care products using P25 modified with Ag nanoparticles in the presence of natural organic matter
A Fattahi, MJ Arlos, LM Bragg, S Kowalczyk, R Liang, OM Schneider, ...
Science of The Total Environment 752, 142000, 2020
Photocatalytic degradation using one-dimensional TiO2 and Ag-TiO2 nanobelts under UV-LED controlled periodic illumination
R Liang, LCMLC Fong, MJ Arlos, J Van Leeuwen, E Shahnam, P Peng, ...
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5 (5), 4365-4373, 2017
Degradation of natural organic matter using Ag-P25 photocatalyst under continuous and periodic irradiation of 405 and 365 nm UV-LEDs
A Fattahi, MJ Arlos, LM Bragg, R Liang, N Zhou, MR Servos
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (1), 104844, 2021
Coupling river concentration simulations with a toxicokinetic model effectively predicts the internal concentrations of wastewater-derived micropollutants in field gammarids
MJ Arlos, F Schurz, Q Fu, BB Lauper, C Stamm, J Hollender
Environmental science & technology 54 (3), 1710-1719, 2020
Characterization and modeling of selected antiandrogens and pharmaceuticals in highly impacted reaches of Grand River watershed in southern Ontario
MJ Arlos
University of Waterloo, 2013
Improving risk assessment by predicting the survival of field gammarids exposed to dynamic pesticide mixtures
MJ Arlos, A Focks, J Hollender, C Stamm
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (19), 12383-12392, 2020
TiO2 membranes for concurrent photocatalytic organic degradation and corrosion protection
R Liang, M Hatat-Fraile, H He, M Arlos, MR Servos, YN Zhou
Nanophotonic Materials XII 9545, 95450M, 2015
Biological responses in fish exposed to municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent in situ
GR Tetreault, S Kleywegt, P Marjan, L Bragg, M Arlos, M Fuzzen, B Smith, ...
Water Quality Research Journal 56 (2), 83-99, 2021
Modeling the emission, transport, and fate of key micropollutants and their treatment using novel titanium dioxide nanomaterials
M Arlos
University of Waterloo, 2018
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