Saeid Masudy-Panah
Saeid Masudy-Panah
Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
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Nanocrystal engineering of sputter-grown CuO photocathode for visible-light-driven electrochemical water splitting
S Masudy-Panah, R Siavash Moakhar, CS Chua, HR Tan, TI Wong, D Chi, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (2), 1206-1213, 2016
Titanium doped cupric oxide for photovoltaic application
S Masudy-Panah, K Radhakrishnan, HR Tan, R Yi, TI Wong, GK Dalapati
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 140, 266-274, 2015
p‐CuO/n‐Si heterojunction solar cells with high open circuit voltage and photocurrent through interfacial engineering
S Masudy‐Panah, GK Dalapati, K Radhakrishnan, A Kumar, HR Tan, ...
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 23 (5), 637-645, 2015
Current status and future prospects of copper oxide heterojunction solar cells
TKS Wong, S Zhuk, S Masudy-Panah, GK Dalapati
Materials 9 (4), 271, 2016
Critical review on sputter-deposited Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) based thin film photovoltaic technology focusing on device architecture and absorber quality on the solar cells performance
S Zhuk, A Kushwaha, TKS Wong, S Masudy-Panah, A Smirnov, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 171, 239-252, 2017
Reduction of Cu-rich interfacial layer and improvement of bulk CuO property through two-step sputtering for p-CuO/n-Si heterojunction solar cell
S Masudy-Panah, GK Dalapati, K Radhakrishnan, A Kumar, HR Tan
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (7), 074501, 2014
Rapid thermal annealing assisted stability and efficiency enhancement in a sputter deposited CuO photocathode
S Masudy-Panah, RS Moakhar, CS Chua, A Kushwaha, TI Wong, ...
Rsc Advances 6 (35), 29383-29390, 2016
Copper oxide based low cost thin film solar cells
V Kumar, S Masudy-Panah, CC Tan, TKS Wong, DZ Chi, GK Dalapati
2013 IEEE 5th international nanoelectronics conference (INEC), 443-445, 2013
Stable and efficient CuO based photocathode through oxygen-rich composition and Au–Pd nanostructure incorporation for solar-hydrogen production
S Masudy-Panah, R Siavash Moakhar, CS Chua, A Kushwaha, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (33), 27596-27606, 2017
Sputter grown sub-micrometer thick Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film for photovoltaic device application
GK Dalapati, SK Batabyal, S Masudy-Panah, Z Su, A Kushwaha, TI Wong, ...
Materials Letters 160, 45-50, 2015
Color tunable low cost transparent heat reflector using copper and titanium oxide for energy saving application
GK Dalapati, S Masudy-Panah, ST Chua, M Sharma, TI Wong, HR Tan, ...
Scientific reports 6, 20182, 2016
Transparent heat regulating (THR) materials and coatings for energy saving window applications: Impact of materials design, micro-structural, and interface quality on the THR …
GK Dalapati, AK Kushwaha, M Sharma, V Suresh, S Shannigrahi, S Zhuk, ...
Progress in materials science 95, 42-131, 2018
Impact of molybdenum out diffusion and interface quality on the performance of sputter grown CZTS based solar cells
GK Dalapati, S Zhuk, S Masudy-Panah, A Kushwaha, HL Seng, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1350, 2017
Optical bandgap widening and phase transformation of nitrogen doped cupric oxide
S Masudy-Panah, K Radhakrishnan, A Kumar, TI Wong, R Yi, GK Dalapati
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (22), 225301, 2015
Aluminium alloyed iron-silicide/silicon solar cells: A simple approach for low cost environmental-friendly photovoltaic technology
GK Dalapati, S Masudy-Panah, A Kumar, CC Tan, HR Tan, D Chi
Scientific reports 5, 17810, 2015
An equivalent lumped circuit model for thin avalanche photodiodes with nonuniform electric field profile
M Jalali, MK Moravvej-Farshi, S Masudy-Panah, A Nabavi
Journal of Lightwave Technology 28 (23), 3395-3402, 2010
Defect analysis of sputter grown cupric oxide for optical and electronics application
GK Dalapati, RS Kajen, S Masudy-Panah, P Sonar
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48 (49), 495104, 2015
Preparation of a New Type of Black TiO2 under a Vacuum Atmosphere for Sunlight Photocatalysis
R Katal, M Salehi, MH Davood Abadi Farahani, S Masudy-Panah, SL Ong, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (41), 35316-35326, 2018
Graphene nanoparticle incorporated CuO thin film for solar cell application
S Masudy-Panah, M Kakran, YF Lim, CS Chua, HR Tan, GK Dalapati
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 8 (4), 043507, 2016
Sunlight driven photoelectrochemical light-to-electricity conversion of screen-printed surface nanostructured TiO2 decorated with plasmonic Au nanoparticles
RS Moakhar, S Masudy-Panah, M Jalali, GKL Goh, A Dolati, M Ghorbani, ...
Electrochimica Acta 219, 386-393, 2016
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